We conducted a cis-focused proteogenomic analysis of 2,923 plasma proteins measured in 1,180 individuals of the EPIC-Norfolk cohort using the antibody-based Olink Explore 1536 and Explore Expansion assays. We identified a total of 1,553 cis-pQTLs (256 unreported) for 914 unique protein targets.

Miami plot representing the independent lead cis-pQTLs identified through Bayesian fine-mapping for 914 unique proteins. Shown are P values from a linear regression model modeling all identified credible set variants for a given protein target jointly. Lead cis-pQTL signals unreported to date (top). Lead cis-pQTL signals that were in LD (cis2 > 0.5) with a previously reported pQTL (bottom). Previously unreported and reported pQTLs are represented with a filled and hollow circle, respectively. Only the variants that are genome-wide significant (P < 5 x 10-8) in the joint model are presented.

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