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This webserver provides open access to summary statistics from our work on molecular signatures across 27 incident non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and all-cause mortality for academic purposes.

We used baseline untargeted plasma metabolomics profiling covering 1,014 metabolites using the Metabolon HD4 platform to characterise disease-shared (two-thirds) and disease-specific (one-third) pathways among up to 11,966 participants (219,415 person-years) of the EPIC-Norfolk cohort. We integrated baseline data on over 50 clinical risk factors and traits to put metabolite-disease associations into context.


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Cox-proportional hazard models for incident diseases

Exposure: plasma metabolite levels. Outcome: risk of 27 diseases (ICD-10 codes) and all-cause mortality.

Association matrix

Beta estimates and hazard ratios

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Linear regression models for clinical risk factors

Exposure: >50 baseline characteristics. Outcome: plasma metabolite levels.

Association matrix

Explained variance

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