The circulating human plasma metabolome consists of thousands of metabolites. Rather than being independent traits, there exists a high degree of dependency and biological connections among sets of metabolites. Here we characterise genetic variation regulating the plasma metabolome at unprecedented scale by bringing together data from 20,000 individuals with untargeted assessment of 913 metabolites, to identify 330 genomic regions influencing 646 metabolites. After fine-mapping regional associations for individual metabolites, we identify associations with 1,528 variants and 2,599 independent variant-metabolite associations.

Data access

Interactive matrix and annotations for all genetic loci and associated metabolites.
Map of metabolic pathways with associated metabolites and genes.
Data-driven map using inter-metabolite partial correlations and genetic associations as structural backbone.
Genome-wide summary statistics (single variant model) for individual SNPs, genes, or genetic regions. Results can be sorted, filtered, and exported.
Data access options and data usage agreement for genome-wide summary statistics.