A cross-platform approach identifies genetic regulators of human metabolism and health. Lotta*, Pietzner* et al., Nature Genetics, 2021

Genome-wide summary statistics

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Use GRCh37 coordinates on autosomal chromosomes only. Query size maximum is 200kb.
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Retrieve association data up to 100kb up- and downstream of the query SNP.
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Hint: perform a gene id lookup by entering a gene symbol (e.g., FADS1).
By default, associations with pMA ≤ 0.05 for all metabolites are shown. You can adjust the p-value threshold or select metabolites in the advanced options. To enhance the perfomance of queries over a wide genomic range, select a more restrictive p-value threshold and/or limit the number of metabolites.

p-value threshold (meta-analysis)


Meta-analysis (Z-score-based) Fenland INTERVAL Metabolon INTERVAL NMR KORA TwinsUK Draisma EPIC-Norfolk Kettunen